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Welcome to Golden Lake Recreational Pet Camp!
Where qualified professionals care for your pet as you would.

RPC History

I, Robin Lauver, owner and founder of Golden Lake Recreational Pet Camp, created an organization devoted to the health and well being of all pets. He realized that although most Americans have had a pet at some point in their lives, many have not fully realized the great responsibility that goes along with being a pet owner.

It is the owner's responsibility to provide quality food, adequate exercise, proper training, regular health care, and a safe, loving environment for their pet. This applies not only to when their pet is at home, but also to those occasions when their pet must be boarded away from home. Personal experience has taught me that only a fraction of these basic
needs are met in the course of the average pet's life.

Although ignorance plays the biggest role in this situation, even well informed owners have a difficult time finding qualified professionals who care as much for their pet as they do.

Rob & Sparky

Rob, owner of Golden Lake

In August of 1987, Golden Lake Recreational Pet Camp began to change all that. I believed that a pet could be boarded away from home without suffering the traditional complaints -- loss of appetite, depression, upset digestion, flea infestation, etc. I believed that a pet should go home in as good or better condition than when it arrived. I tailored the Camp's services to minimize stress and provide an environment as much like home as possible. Regular exercise, diets suited to each camper, and lots of T.L.C. proved to be very effective. Both pets and owners are pleased with the results.

Because I am concerned with improving all aspects of the relationship between a pet and its owner, I have spent many hours over the years listening to clients describe problems they have encountered with their pets at home. I have come to see how great is the need to disseminate practical, usable, truly helpful information directly to the public so that they can find and develop well-mannered pets, which will live long, healthy, happy lives with them and become their "best friends".

As word of its unique approach to pet care has spread, Golden Lake has built a loyal customer base in many surrounding communities and has continued to grow and expand to meet the needs of pets and their owners. We offer overnight boarding with the ability to accommodate 50 dogs and 16 cats. Doggie day camp is not offered at this time(maybe a future endeavor!!) Also, at the point, the camp is not taking on any brand new clients. (If you have used our boarding facility in the past and have acquired a new pet, you are not considered a brand new client.) Please feel free to fill out our contact form to be placed on our wait list for when or if taking on new clients is an option.


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